Stormi Greener’s forceful vision has embraced subjects at home and abroad for nearly three decades.

She began her foreign travels in 1979, when she singlehandedly reported on the plight of the then little-known Vietnamese boat people to Minnesota readers. She has done extensive foreign coverage of refugees and others since then, with trips to Vietnam, Cambodia, Germany, Poland, Israel, Iraq, Kuwait, Pakistan, Jordan, China, Yugoslavia, Turkey, Nepal, Cub, Hungary, and Afghanistan.

Greener’s intense interest in social issues at home has also regularly informed Minnesota readers. Her in-depth stories have embraced such topics as child abuse, aging, cancer, physical disabilites and poverty.

Scores of state, national and international awards document her career. Major awards include the Canon Photo Essayist Award, the Robert F. Kennedy Photojournalism Award, the Oscar Barnak Award, the World Press Photo Award, multiple sweepstakes awards in the Inland Daily Photo and Minnesota Associated Press Photo contests. She has been a Pulitzer Prize finalist twice.

She is a frequent lecturer at National Press Photographer Association educational seminars, as well as a teacher at the well-known University of Missouri Workshops.

Greener attended Boise State University. She began her photojournalism career at the Idaho Statesman in 1975. She joined the Star Tribune as a staff photographer in 1977, where she has been ever since.

Stormi Greener and her husband live in Mahtomedi.